Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can hiring an Ann Arbor, Michigan criminal defense lawyer help my case?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I am here to help you at every phase of the proceedings, from the initial investigation through trial, and appeal and post-conviction relief if necessary. 

What should I expect during my initial interview with you?

I begin an initial interview, usually in my office, where we discuss the charges you are facing and how I can help. During this time, I will answer any questions you have, and work to set your mind at ease about how we will move through this process together. 

While answering your questions, I also learn about the facts of your case, and begin to formulate ideas about defenses we can raise, strengths and weaknesses of the case, and how we can best combat the charges against you.

Will you conduct your own investigation of the charges against me?

After our meeting I will conduct my own investigation into your case, which may involve reviewing the police report, identifying and interviewing potential witnesses and, in some cases, consulting with experts who may testify in your defense. 

As I gather new evidence, I will analyze it, studying how it fits with our theory of the case, and how it can be used to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges or dismiss the case, or to convince the jury to enter a Not Guilty verdict.

After our first meeting, how long will it be until I hear from you?

I will remain in regular contact with you after our initial meeting, and will advise you of any updates on your case. Meanwhile, my clients should feel comfortable contacting me with any questions or concerns they have about their case.

Will you try to negotiate a plea bargain?

During meetings with the prosecutor I will attempt to negotiate a plea bargain that meets your goals, or have the case dismissed. I will never agree to a plea bargain without your consent and approval, and only after I have fully advised you of the consequences of a plea and you agree to it. 

What if we have to go to trial?

If we are unable to work out a plea bargain that is acceptable to you, we will take the case to trial.

Trial begins with jury selection, where we try to select an impartial jury by having jurors removed if they are biased against you or are not a good fit for your case.

Once we have selected a jury, I will have the chance to make an opening statement, question witnesses, present evidence, and make a closing argument about why the jury should find you Not Guilty.

Can you help at sentencing?

If you are to be sentenced, whether through a plea bargain or after a trial, I will be your advocate, arguing for the lightest, least restrictive sentence possible. I will draw the judge’s attention to reasons for a lighter sentence, discuss alternatives to jail, and seek to have the smallest fines imposed. 

What should I do next?

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