First, Before I reached out to Attorney Elmen by phone from California to address 10 17 year old forgery charges, I had searched google and attempted to reach out to 3 other attorneys in the area, all who told me that they either had no interest in taking my case, were too busy, or just seemed like they didn’t care. Attorney Elmen was different. He listened to my story, he understood that people make mistakes, especially when they’re young. He was straight up with me from the start about the possible negative outcomes of the case but also gave me hope that we had a fighting chance of getting all 10 of my charges dismissed. Attorney Elmen went to work in and out of the courtroom on my behalf. Meeting with the prosecutor on numerous occasions to discuss my circumstances, answering my phone calls and/or expediently returning my calls to give updates. Ultimately, the charges were ALL DISMISSED. All 10!

Although, Attorney Elmen required a deposit, he worked with me for payments and I felt that he trusted me truly. Hopefully I never have to get an attorney again, but if I do, it will be Attorney Robert Elmen.