M. B.

An unfortunate family dispute and mistake led to charges that were potentially negatively life changing and disastrous for my career.

I was lucky that Mr. Elmen was recommended to take my case, of which he immediately counseled me though the low periods and guided me through the legal process step by step.

Mr. Elmen was thorough, utilizing all possible resources and avenues to help find the best resolution for my case.
Mr. Elmen explained each step and was always available to be a compassionate person to just listen to me through my ordeal.
In the end, the hard work by Mr. Elmen led to the best possible outcome- a DISMISSAL! - and I am now able to return to my life and career.

I am forever thankful for the help Mr Elmen gave me and I highly recommend his services to anyone who is in need of legal help.
Mr. Elmen is an intelligent, resourceful, patient, loyal and caring lawyer. He is truly a rarity in his field.

Thank you Mr. Elmen, my family and I are forever grateful.