Below are actual client reviews of Ann Arbor, Michigan criminal defense attorney Robert Elmen. Robert appreciates his clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: no lawyer can guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes achieved in past legal matters.

I was fighting a case that would have given me a life sentence, and this man saw I wasn't guilty even though I was arrested for it anyhow. Needless to say, I never saw a day in court. Thank you Mr. Elmen, you're a Godsend to the Thorn Family.

– D.T.

I turned to Robert with an last minute matter and he resolved within 72 hours. He jumped in like a family member (a calm, smart lawyer family member). From start to finish I felt as though I was his top priority. He is flexible with pricing and above sincere and trustworthy. I am so glad I called Robert for emergency help and that he was always available and didn’t miss a beat when it came to getting the matter completely thrown out. He sometimes calls to check in and say hi. We have spent many hours off the clock talking about other important life stuff.

– J.A.

Mr. Elmen has guided me through a difficult legal dilemma, a legal success is imminent.

– D.K.

Attorney Robert Elmen is fantastic. Very calm, professional attorney who will try his very best for you. Would hire him again. :)

– C.L.

First, Before I reached out to Attorney Elmen by phone from California to address 10 17 year old forgery charges, I had searched google and attempted to reach out to 3 other attorneys in the area, all who told me that they either had no interest in taking my case, were too busy, or just seemed like they didn’t care. Attorney Elmen was different. He listened to my story, he understood that people make mistakes, especially when they’re young. He was straight up with me from the start about the possible negative outcomes of the case but also gave me hope that we had a fighting chance of getting all 10 of my charges dismissed. Attorney Elmen went to work in and out of the courtroom on my behalf. Meeting with the prosecutor on numerous occasions to discuss my circumstances, answering my phone calls and/or expediently returning my calls to give updates. Ultimately, the charges were ALL DISMISSED. All 10!

Although, Attorney Elmen required a deposit, he worked with me for payments and I felt that he trusted me truly. Hopefully I never have to get an attorney again, but if I do, it will be Attorney Robert Elmen.

– E.R.

Robert Elmen was there for my family when we needed help. Whenever we had questions regarding my son’s legal case, he made himself immediately available to us, guiding us through every step. Knowledgeable, tireless, compassionate — those are the words I’d use to describe Robert Elmen. We were lucky to have him in our corner.

– J.

This was my first time ever being involved in any type of court case. Throughout the process Mr. Elmen kept me aware of every possibility in my case. One thing that struck me a certain way was the way he also showed he actually cared about what was going on in my case. There are lots of attorneys that are just in it for the money but Mr. Elmen showed that this was not the case with him. He was genuine, was always an ear to listen to me whenever i would have any concerns and most of all he is dedicated to his work and your case. I could have definitely done some time in the county jail. However, with his hard work and dedication I am still able to be at home with my family while on probation. And for that Mr. Robert Elmen, I can never repay you. Thank you for all you have done. My family and I are forever grateful. I do not just consider you my attorney, I will forever think of you as a friend.

– J.B.

Robert was very nice and helpful through the whole process. I was looking at jail time, but got off with just a small fine. Totally worth it!

– M.M.

Robert was such a help throughout the process. He touched base regularly, always checked for my understanding and was forthright about the potential outcomes from the beginning. I cannot recommend his services enough!

– E.L.

Robert represented me in a case where I was accused of an (Assault and Battery) in Ottawa county Michigan. The prosecution was very forceful and intimidating and even threatening to increase my charges. We took it to jury trial and won. My life was allowed to move forward and I am sure without Robert's help I would have been wrongfully convicted and suffered huge life altering consequences. The whole legal process I was forced to go through was highly uncomfortable and very upsetting, Robert helped me get through this and keep peace of mind. Some attorneys are in it for the money and the title Mr. Elmen cares about the people he represents, I will never forget what he did for me!

– N.S.

Rob is detail oriented, knowledgeable, and committed to the case. My experience was first rate. If you're looking for an attorney who is both hard-working and capable, choose Rob.

– P.A.

Mr. Elmen is a fighter! He will handle your case with zeal, confidence, and a thorough understanding of the court system. Mr. Elmen doesn't take no for an answer but pursues his clients' objectives with tenacity!

– J.F.

This guy delivered!

– F.T.