This was my first time ever being involved in any type of court case. Throughout the process Mr. Elmen kept me aware of every possibility in my case. One thing that struck me a certain way was the way he also showed he actually cared about what was going on in my case. There are lots of attorneys that are just in it for the money but Mr. Elmen showed that this was not the case with him. He was genuine, was always an ear to listen to me whenever i would have any concerns and most of all he is dedicated to his work and your case. I could have definitely done some time in the county jail. However, with his hard work and dedication I am still able to be at home with my family while on probation. And for that Mr. Robert Elmen, I can never repay you. Thank you for all you have done. My family and I are forever grateful. I do not just consider you my attorney, I will forever think of you as a friend.